SICAF, a unique experience

SICAF, a unique experience

SICAF, a unique experience


At SICAF, each client enjoys a tailor-made service for their project. They can come to us at any point in the process of conception or production.

“Sometimes our clients ask for a cream or a gel and we create a complete product for them. Sometimes, we co-produce the product with them. And sometimes, the product is ready-made and all that is left to do is package it”, explains Pierre Planès, Head of Research & Development at SICAF.

The clients – a company or a brand – might come to us with an incomplete brief within which they’d like to develop a new idea: a special texture or a scent , a specific objective they’d like to achieve. The laboratory teams are then called in. “We have to give our client the product that they have in mind”, explains Béatrice Anthouard, head of laboratory. “When the client arrives, they don’t know if the project is feasible. Our objective is to bring it to life and then to create it.

“Creating a cosmetic product is to above all to offer a sensorial experience”

Sometimes, in order to stand out in the market, SICAF’s clients make unusual requests that can seem out of place. “These requests are a great motivator for us. We are forced to ask ourselves the question : how can I do this? From this point we move outside of our comfort zone. We have a duty to be creative. What makes us unique is knowing how to make very complex products.”

The product is developed with the end consumer in mind. It’s “the consumer who will buy it, see it, open it, apply it to their hand and experience it’s fragrance. Our job is to make sure this ensemble of sensations is unique,” adds Pierre Planès. “Creating a cosmetic product is above all a sensorial experience. But at no point should we lose sight of our objective to industrialise. We anticipate problems and carry out tests for any potential risk produced as soon as possible.”

If innovation is central and the laboratory environment where we reflect on formulation, it’s the whole company which demonstrates flexibility thanks to its know-how and expertise.

“The life of our company is also a question of surprise, factors which disrupt the system, such us a request to manufacture a product as fast as possible. We have this flexibility, we can surf the wave, we can prove our reactivity and adaptability: and this is also where the strength of SICAF lies. Despite the constraints that we have, our role is to optimise solutions”, explains Laurent Domas, Head of Supply. The working experience with each client reinforces SICAF’s expertise.